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Our Girls

Wild Goose Mist of Leap 'N' Jack

Wild Goose Of Leap 'N' Jack

12.5 inch, broken coat--Numerous Veteran racing Championships. This is what she does when she is not in a hole after a Ground Hog!!

All Seasons Dancer

All Seasons Dancer

Dancer is 12 3/4 inch tri-colored, smooth coat. She has numerous conformation wins at JRTCA trials with a Reserve best in show and winner in suitability class for groundhog.

Razorback Uno of Leap'N'Jack

Razorback Uno

Hart Farms Jacob x Rock Ridge Breezy
11.5 inch smooth coat, tricolor 2 year old female. 

Wild Goose Dipstick of Leap 'N' Jack

Wild Goose Dipstick of Leap 'N' Jack

 12 inch, broken coat--extremely small flexible chest.
 Numerous Veteran racing and Go-To-Ground
 Championships and Reserves
 As a puppy she was the Racing Champion and the
 Go-To-Ground Champion at the same trial!

Leap 'N' Jack Harmony

Leap 'N' Jack Harmony

Hart Farms Jacob X All Seasons Dancer Conformation Champion and Reserve Champion, Several class wins. 12 inch smooth coat, excellent movement. Several conformation Championships and Reserves. Several racing ribbons.

  A few of Harmony's ribbons

Leap 'N' Jack Ribbons

Leap 'N' Jack Prudence

Leap 'N' Jack Prudence

11.5 inches broken coated. Puppy Go-To-Ground Champion Fall 1998, Gainesville, GA

Numerous Other Go-To-Ground Championships And Reserves

Leap 'N' Jack Foxy Lady

Leap 'N' Jack Foxy Lady

Wild Goose Maryland X Bark'N Ark Roscoe Several Go-To-Ground and racing ribbons. Her favorite activity is being a couch potato.

Leap 'N' Jack Cricket

Leap 'N' Jack Cricket

12 inch rough coat. Loves Go-To-Ground and racing! 
Numerous Go-To-Ground and racing ribbons

In Memory  --  Leap 'N' Jack Prancer

Leap 'N' Jack Prancer

Prancer was very special to us. When she was 8 weeks old and still with her mother, a coyote came up to her pen and tried to pull her under the fence, severely injuring her back. The vet did not think she was going to make it, but despite the odds, and with a lot of love and care from us, she recovered, although she still had severe scars on her back and down her side.

Prancer loved her toys and continually pestered someone to play with her, throwing her toy and her bringing it back to be thrown again. If you did not notice her she would keep bringing the toy closer and closer until eventually she laid it on your shoulder. Prancer loved to race. She would go load herself in the starting box and get ready to race. When we went to trials, she kept trying to put the muzzle on herself, so that she could race. She won the puppy racing championship in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, shortly after that trial, she sustained another injury - this time from a Bear - but once again, she recovered. Prancer loved to go hunting, and would wake us up about 4:30 every morning ready to go outside, along with Misty. One Sunday morning in January, 2000, we let her out to go hunting and she did not return. We finally found her in a neighbor field. She had been killed by a horse. We still cry about her, she was a very special little JRT, and will always be fondly remembered for her enduring spirit and perseverance despite many setbacks. She was about 12.5 inches tall, but only weighed about 8.5 lbs.

Visit our terriers for sale and if you are interested in a Jack Russell Terrier puppy or adult for your family, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us directly by e-mail leapnjack@hotmail.com or telephone for more details about puppy availability, prices, and shipping. We ship where possible to approved homes throughout the US and abroad.

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