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Darlene McCutcheon
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Mt. Judea, Arkansas
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Letter from Allison * Owner of a "Leap "N" Jack" Terrier

Hi, Darlene. I have been meaning to E-mail you for one year now to let you know we've moved to Mississippi and to update you on Leap n Jack Bear (born June 2001). He is a wonderful member of our family and we continue to receive compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. If anyone has a question about how Leap n Jack's do w/ babies, we have had a wonderful experience. Since Bear was our "first child", we were concerned about how he'd react when we had our son. Well, needless to say, they are best friends and our son who is now 14 months usually wakes up saying Bear's name and immediately looks for him! We are thrilled, of course! (See attached photo.)

I also wanted to share an "Amazing Bear" story w/ you. We knew Jack Russells were smart and Bear continues to show us just how smart they are! When we moved to MS, we were temporarily living in an apartment. When the movers came, we didn't want to risk Bear darting out the door so we drove him to a friend's house one mile away who has a fenced in yard. We had only been in the apartment for 24 hours. About an hour after we'd taken Bear to our friend's, we were waiting for the movers and I saw this black nose looking in the living room window that I had opened a crack for fresh air. IT WAS BEAR! Our friend's child had left the gate open and Bear got out and found his way one mile back to the apartment where he'd only spent 24 hours, up two flights of open steps and he'd been driven, not walked to the yard where he was supposed to stay so we don't know how he picked up his scent! We called him Amazing Bear for weeks after that and were so thankful that he didn't get hit by a car.

Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful puppy! Hope all is well w/ you.


Amazing Bear

Letter from Jon * Owner of a "Leap "N" Jack" Terrier

Your hubby kept asking Jill and I if we were sure that we wanted Prince. Well you will never get him back! He is the sweetest dog that I have ever owned. You should be commended for raising such a fine specimen such as Prince! The only way that I would ever give him up and I doubt that, is if I had lost both arms and legs! I have raise and trained , both for the field and the show ring, Shorthairs, German Wirehairs and Springers. To To this date I have never met such a dog as Prince! I can't IMAGINE that anyone would ever want to get rid of him. He is so sweet! One of my dogs made it all of the way to the Westminster Dog Show in NYC.
Jon Rathke 

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