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Darlene McCutcheon
HC 32, Box 288
Mt. Judea, Arkansas
(870) 434-5562

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Welcome to the Leap*N*Jack Kennel

We breed the incredible Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell Terriers are great companions and jacks are considered quality hunting dogs.

The kennel is owned/operated by the McCutcheon family who have devoted several years to this exceptional breed. Our kennel is located in scenic rural Arkansas, right in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, near Buffalo River National Park. Our puppies and adult jacks love it here, where they have plenty of room to romp and play and lots of fresh air and sunshine! There are lots of opportunities to try out their JRT skills. We are dedicated to preserving the work characteristics of this champion breed of canine.

The Leap*N*Jack breeding program is devoted to breeding quality dogs with traits and characteristics that are desirable in a Jack Russell Terrier. We are members of the JRTCA exclusively, and abide by all the JRTCA rules and guidelines for responsible breeding. Our dogs compete in JRTCA sanctioned trials in conformation, racing and Go-To- Ground. They have won many ribbons in each event. The dogs love these trials and they are great fun for the dog, as well as the owners. All of our dogs have excellent bloodlines, with many winners in their pedigrees. Our dogs are carefully screened by our veterinarian for genetic health disorders prior to breeding, and are up-to-date on all vaccinations. Each Jack Russell Terrier puppy receives a thorough checkup, 7 way puppy vaccine and booster and is de-wormed before being placed with it's new family. We guarantee all of our puppies against any genetic defects that affect the health of the dog.

PuppiesJack Russell Terriers are truly exceptional dogs! They are very loving, energetic and playful, highly intelligent and excel at hunting, agility and obedience. Many people (including us!) consider the Jack Russell Terrier to be the "perfect" family dog. It is very important to note, however, that these wonderful dogs can become "Jack Russell Terrors" in the wrong hands. If you are considering a JRT for your family, you must be aware of the very high energy level of the breed. Potential owners must be committed to providing their puppy with early obedience training and plenty of love, attention and play time. Jack Russell Terriers are extremely intelligent animals, and they train their people very well! They love to tree squirrels, and will "go to ground" after small animals like opossums, armadillos and rabbits. The Jack Russell Terrier is a big dog in a small package! They fear nothing!

Jack Russells have 3 coat types; smooth, broken and rough. The rough coat sheds the least amount and the smooth sheds most. The rough coat needs periodic stripping to remove the dead hair. The smooth coat is a recessive trait, and most litters will have more broken or rough coated puppies than smooth.

Without proper care and attention, the Jack Russell Terrier can be too much of a "handful" for some owners, and as a result, many have ended up in shelters and with rescue organizations. We do our utmost to prevent this from happening to our puppies by making certain that they are placed only with knowledgeable, responsible owners that are prepared for life with a Jack Russell Terrier. Of course, we are always willing to take back or "re-home" one of our puppies in the unfortunate event that the new owners are unable to keep it for any reason.

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